Network LAN or Telephone Cable Wire Tracker Toner Open Circuit Tester

This tester can be used for multiple applications, for example to test pin to pin network and telephone cables, to trace most types of electrical wires, to find a correct pair of network cables, searching for telephone lines, electrical wires and cables. This set can be used to locate a short circuit or broken wires while testing the wire line. The power light displays wire signal connectivity and the gain volume control lets you select the sensitivity of the tracker receiver while scanning the line for a broken wire. The function button lets you switch from pulsating tone to solid ring when using the emitter.  This wire tracker can also be used for locating a specific spot behind the wall, simply connect the emitter to any bundle of wire and hang it on the wall, with receiver you will be able to pick up the signal when close to the spot from another side of the wall. This tool is must have for alarm, network, telephone or low voltage systems installation and troubleshooting.


  • The line finder can quickly find the required line pairs among numerous ones
  • It's adaptable to RJ45 terminal & RJ11 terminal or can be used with alligator clips adapter
  • Can be used to verify condition of the wire, open circuit, short circuit or incorrect wiring
  • Emitter can be used for testing communication lines with pulse or solid tone
  • Has a built in pin to pin network cable tester for telephone and network cables
  • Includes a storage pouch, headphones and cable adapters


  • Model: JW-360
  • Product name: Multi-purpose communication network tracker
  • Operating current for emitter: =10mA
  • Operating current for receiver: =30mA
  • Signal transmission format: multi-frequency pulse
  • Signal output level: 8Vp-p
  • Signal transmission distance up to 3km
  • Small LED flash light
  • Flashlight on/off switch
  • Power by: 2pcs 9V batteries (included or installed)
  • Emitter dimension: 126x49x34mm 
  • Tracker dimensions: 175x42x25mm
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Basic stereo headphones
  • Weight: 11oz or 318g

Package Include:

  • Cable Emitter
  • Cable Receiver
  • RJ11 bridge cable
  • RJ45 bridge cable
  • Alligator clips to RJ11 adapter
  • Headphones
  • Instruction manual
  • Storage pouch
  • Retail box with packaging

Network LAN or Telephone Cable Wire Tracker Toner Open Circuit Tester

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  • Product Code: JW-360
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