4In 1Out Ariza Outdoor Waterproof DiSEqC 2.0 Multi-Switch Satellite

Compatible with ALL Free-2-Air receivers. Can receive any/all HDTV digital and analog satellite signals. This switch can be used for all FTA needs. Also works with any FTA  Receiver.

4-Way DiSEqC switch will enable the user to select one LNB signal between 4 different LNBs of any type. The 4 input ports marked LNB1, LNB2, LNB3 or LNB4 are connected to the 4 LNBs, which may be on 4 different dishes, and the output marked RECEIVER is connected to the received. The selection of the LNBs is done by choosing the appropriate Tone Burst A,B,C or D in the menu of the receiver. Working virtually with all types of receiver.


  • Model: Ariza
  • Waterproof: for Outdoor Installation
  • Signal: 4 Distinct Tone Bursts.
  • Casing: Steel and Plastic Housing.
  • Frequency: 950 to 2400MHz
  • Insertion Loss: 3dB
  • Isolation Ports: >25dB
  • Power Passing: 500mA
  • Disecq Version: 2.0

4In 1Out Ariza Outdoor Waterproof DiSEqC 2.0 Multi-Switch Satellite - Satellite Switch/Splitter

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